Paw Shapers Mobile Pet Grooming in Jacksonville, FL Decorative Banner of Erica trimming the nails of a dog at a grooming station.

Paw shapers

Looking for an event that will make tails wag with joy? Look no further!


Green Dog Spa owner Erica files down the nails of a happy dog in the Green Dog Mobile Spa

For an hourly rate, our Mobile Pawsday van will come to your location and pamper pets with high-quality pawdicures. It’s convenient & fun! Join others in the area that have already enjoyed this unique experience.

Why is monthly pet nail care so important?

Paw Shapers own Erica holds a small dog as she files down its nails at a PawsDay event.
Paw Shapers team member Judy steadies a yellow dog as Erica trims its back nails at a local Pawsday event
Paw Shapers Erica files down the front nails of an Australian Shepard at an outdoor Pawsday event
A longhair miniature Pinscher gets its nails trimed by Erica at a Pawsday event.
Judy holds a longhair Dachshund  in her arms as another member checks its nails on its hind legs.
A Welsh Corgi smiles at the camera as Erica files the nails on it's back paw.