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Paw Shapers

Dog GroominG Services

We are the first salon in Jacksonville, FL to host a National Dog Groomer’s Association (NDGAA) Workshop and Certification event. Our team at Paw Shapers becomes certified & master level, elevating the grooming industry. Want to keep your pet’s nails trimmed & filed? We can take care of this for you too! Learn more about our dog and cat grooming services below.

Serving Small Dogs in the bartram, baymeadows & Beaches Areas

Bath & Brush

Begins with a shampoo to rejuvenate skin & coat. Next we trim or file nails & clean ears. Your pet is then fluffed dry, brushed & combed. Finished with your choice of bandana, bow and/or pet safe scented spray.

Starting at

$ 105

Mini Groom

Includes all features of the Bath & Brush, then additional trim of face, feet, tail sani & loose hairs. This also helps prolong your pet’s full body haircut.

Starting at

$ 125

Full Body Haircut

Includes all features of the Bath & Brush, plus full clipper and/or scissored hair style customized to fit your pet’s lifestyle. Pricing varies based on the breed & level of work involved.

Starting at

$ 150

Additional Services

Nails Only

Nails (technically “claws”) require proper trimming & filing on a monthly or weekly basis.

Starting at

$ 50

Shed Control

Removes undercoat through a process of shampoo, conditioner, and additional brushing.


This is a technique where hair is pulled on dogs with wire coats to preserve natural texture & colors